Conservative MPs refuse to answer questions, Liberals keep diverting blame

TL;DR Summary: Conservative MPs continue to support sales of weapons to Saudi dictators, and refuse to answer questions as to why. Try asking them yourselves!

I have been calling, emailing, tweeting and messaging on Facebook 10 different Conservative MPs for the last three years, asking them all the same questions we have already raised on this website. Why are they barely saying a few words, barely speaking out, about the genocide being committed in Yemen with help from Canadian weapons. Most of them refused to respond. When a couple of them did respond, they completely deflected and ignored the questions.

Canada is supposed to be a democracy. We should be able to hold those in power accountable. These 10 MPs refused to let me hold them accountable. I specifically picked MPs to call that made a big deal about supporting human rights around the world. I specifically called MP O’Toole for 8 months, once a week, and MP Genuis, for 3 years, yes three full years, about once every 10 days or so. They have yet to answer my questions. MP Genuis did call me twice, listened to my questions, didn’t answer them, promised to get back to me, and never got back to me.

I had really high hopes for MP Genuis in particular. He pretends to really care about human rights around the world in parliament, but, unfortunately, his actions don’t match his words. I can only assume that he pretends because I am sure he could’ve made time to talk to me during this 3 years of continuous calling. I had such high hopes that I only stopped calling him after not receiving answers from him despite trying for three straight years! I have now given up on finding a single good soul in the Conservative party – I had hoped it would be him.

If on the off chance I end up hearing from him, and he is able to answer all the questions posed on this blog, I promise I will update and change this post with new information. The primary question is still: why his party has continuously supported arms deals to Saudi Arabian dictators despite them starving 300,000+ children to death (as of May 2021), and why his party has continued to support a crime at the scale of the Holocaust?

I started calling MP Genuis in June 2018, when ~85,000 Yemeni children had starved to death, and gave up on receiving answers from him in June 2021, by which time ~300,000+ Yemeni children had starved to death. Average Canadian doesn’t know about this, but, I made sure MP Genuis definitely does.

To be fair, I called Liberal and NDP MPs too. I ALWAYS heard back from them. Some took a few weeks to respond, but, they did respond. They diverted the blame for the deal on the previous Conservative government. Liberals have, at the highest levels, including Trudeau himself, spoken out against the deal, but, all they’ve done is pay lip service as they’ve continued to allow sales of weapons to Saudi Arabian dictators throughout their majority and minority governments so far.

See screenshots of emails and call records to various MPs below. If you know any of them, feel free to verify this information with them yourselves too.

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