Conservative MPs refuse to answer questions, Liberals keep diverting blame

TL;DR Summary: Conservative MPs continue to support sales of weapons to Saudi dictators, and refuse to answer questions as to why. Try asking them yourselves!

I have been calling, emailing, tweeting and messaging on Facebook 10 different Conservative MPs for the last three years, asking them all the same questions we have already raised on this website. Why are they barely saying a few words, barely speaking out, about the genocide being committed in Yemen with help from Canadian weapons. Most of them refused to respond. When a couple of them did respond, they completely deflected and ignored the questions.

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How Are We Different From The Nations That Traded Arms With Nazi Germany?

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We are Canadians. We are right wing, left wing and centrists. We are nonpartisan. We are Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Atheists. Canada should be a force of peace in the world, hence, we want Canada to end arms sales to dictators. We may disagree on some issues, but we all agree that selling arms to dictators is heinous. The Saudi dictators have caused the WORST man made crisis of the 21st century with help from Canadian arms.

We hold both Conservative and Liberal parties accountable for the Saudi-led humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The Conservative party signed the contract and continues to support ongoing arms sales to the Saudis. The Liberal party blames the Conservative party for the arms deal with Saudi dictators but has done too little to end further arms sales. The Liberal party has however publicly discussed the desire to end the deal, but has lacked political will to take action thus far.

The Conservative party blatantly disregarded world peace by signing the arms contract with the Saudi Arabian monarchs. They have helped the Saudi regime, the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism (who fund ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and most other terrorist groups) inflict famine upon 20+ million Yemenis for over four years.[8]

The Conservative party sold arms to one of the WORST human rights offenders in the world; and this deal was struck secretly, without consulting with Canadians. Even when questioned about this immoral, unethical deal, they continue to support the arms sales, despite millions suffering for years. They even call the Saudi dictatorship an “ally”.

After years of pressure, the Liberal party introduced Bill C-47 to limit future arms sales, but it has mostly been just lip service. The Conservative party STILL supports ongoing arms sales to tyrant Saudi dictators, despite 150,000+ children starved to death (of which over 85,000 were under 5 years old), despite the Saudi deploying poverty-stricken African child soldiers on the front lines, and blockading Yemen causing millions to suffer from famine for the last four years.

We support business with the Saudi citizens, trading technology, education, cars, timber, milk, wheat, dates, etc. We are not calling for sanctions. We oppose arms and oil trade with the Saudi dictators which enables war, terrorism and human rights violations. We support Saudi citizens’ struggle for freedom and democracy and we oppose the Saudi dictatorship.

We called and emailed 10 different Conservative MPs and asked them:

“Why does the Conservative party insist on selling weapons to Saudi dictators? Despite the Saudi dictators causing suffering to millions of Yemenis over the last four years? Despite tyrant Saudi dictators starving 250,000+ children to death?”

Not one MP answered our questions. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO CALL YOUR MP. Whenever we called, they went off-topic, falsely blamed other countries or parties, said “it’s complicated”, or avoided answering altogether. We have given you the facts with references (linked). We are indifferent to whom you vote for in the next elections – we are not funded by or affiliated with ANY party. We just ask you to consider Canada’s contribution to war and peace when deciding your vote.

What kind of world do we want our children to grow up in?

Is aiding in the murder of 250,000+ children worth a few thousand Canadian jobs? In 2021, that number of children starving to death may increase to 400,000! How many Canadian children would we be willing to sacrifice for a few thousand jobs in Yemen? How are we as Canadians any different from the nations that traded arms with Nazi Germany?

We encourage you to verify these facts with CSIS, CIA, Human Rights groups and NGOs yourself too.

The modest amount of funding for the website, printing and mailing this simple message was provided by a handful of average (not rich!) concerned Canadian citizens.