Palestinians and Kashmiri Pandits right of return

Palestinians were forcibly removed, massacred, and ethnically cleansed out of what makes up most of modern Israel today. They continue to live under Israeli oppression, with no control over their borders, water supply, radio space, air space, and continue to face mass punishment for the last several decades.

Kashmiri Pandits were forcibly removed, massacred, and ethnically cleansed out of many parts of Kashmir where they had lived for many generations before. Injustices done against them should not be used to justify oppression and anti-democratic practices against the entire Kashmiri population.

Injustices were done against both groups, Palestinians and Kashmiri Pandits, at a massive scale.

Both Palestinians and Kashmiri Pandits have the right to return and go back to the homes that were violently taken away from them.

If you support right of return of Palestinians, but not Kashmiri Pandits, you are a hypocrite.

If you support right of return of Kashmiri Pandits, but not Palestinians, you are a hypocrite.

Both groups of oppressed people were kicked out by religious extremists – one driven by extreme Jewish/Christian ideology, and the other driven by extreme Muslim ideology. Now yet another religious extremist, Hindutva ideology, is further being used to oppress Kashmiris.

Peace and justice is only possible without oppression. Start with rights of return of all the oppressed people – starting with Palestinians and Kashmiri Pandits.

Conservative MPs refuse to answer questions, Liberals keep diverting blame

TL;DR Summary: Conservative MPs continue to support sales of weapons to Saudi dictators, and refuse to answer questions as to why. Try asking them yourselves!

I have been calling, emailing, tweeting and messaging on Facebook 10 different Conservative MPs for the last three years, asking them all the same questions we have already raised on this website. Why are they barely saying a few words, barely speaking out, about the genocide being committed in Yemen with help from Canadian weapons. Most of them refused to respond. When a couple of them did respond, they completely deflected and ignored the questions.

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Criticism of Israel is not anti-semitism

TL;DR Summary: It’s not Islamophobic to criticize Saudi, UAE, Iran, etc. for their human rights abuses – and it’s also not anti-Semitic to Israel for its human rights abuses against the Palestinians.

It’s not Islamophobic to call for boycott and sanctions against Saudi Arabia for committing genocide in Yemen, starving millions, killing 100,000s for the last 6 years (source:

It’s not anti-Semitic to call for boycott and sanctions against Israel for its decades long occupation of Palestinian lands (Source: B’tselem)

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